2016 Complete Schedule | Collegiate Rugby Championship
DayTimeLocationPoolTeam 1Team 1 ScoreTeam 2Team 2 Score
Friday10:40 AMField 1Women APenn State32NSCRO Select5
Friday11:00 AMField 1Women ARutgers5Delaware19
Friday11:20 AMField 1Women CNavy14Princeton5
Friday11:20 AMField 2Women BLIFE38Michigan7
Friday11:40 AMField 1Women CBoston University14Bloomsburg12
Friday11:40 AMField 2Women BTemple5Notre Dame31
Friday12:00 PMField 2Women DLindenwood24Ohio State7
Friday12:20 PMField 2Women DKutztown24Arizona0
Friday12:40 PMField 1Women APenn State49Rutgers0
Friday1:00 PMField 1Women ANSCRO Select24Delaware5
Friday1:20 PMField 1Women CNavy31Boston University5
Friday1:20 PMField 2Women BLIFE43Temple0
Friday1:40 PMField 1Women CPrinceton20Bloomsburg0
Friday1:40 PMField 2Women BMichigan12Notre Dame10
Friday2:00 PMField 2Women DLindenwood22Kutztown5
Friday2:20 PMField 2Women DOhio State12Arizona5
Friday2:40 PMField 1Women APenn State38Delaware0
Friday3:00 PMField 1Women ANSCRO Select24Rutgers5
Friday3:20 PMField 1Women CNavy19Bloomsburg0
Friday3:20 PMField 2Women BLIFE40Notre Dame0
Friday3:40 PMField 1Women CPrinceton20Boston University5
Friday3:40 PMField 2Women BMichigan14Temple5
Friday4:00 PMField 2Women DLindenwood29Arizona12
Friday4:20 PMField 2Women DOhio State32Kutztown0
Saturday8:00 AMField 1HSBoys HS Elite QF – #422Boy’s HS Elite QF – #57
Saturday8:00 AMField 2HSArchmere31Narberth0
Saturday8:00 AMIn StadiumHSGreenwich22West Shore12
Saturday8:20 AMField 1NSCRO ANew Mexico Highlands Univ.21Louisiana State-Alexandria0
Saturday8:20 AMField 2HSWest Chester24St Augustines5
Saturday8:20 AMIn StadiumHSRock Rugby29Fisher14
Saturday8:40 AMField 1NSCRO ASusquehanna19Babson College10
Saturday8:40 AMField 2HSDowningtown12Unionville 27
Saturday8:40 AMIn StadiumHSMD Exiles19Fairfield7
Saturday9:00 AMField 1NSCRO BFranklin & Marshall7St. Mary’s19
Saturday9:00 AMField 2HSLaSalle12Media15
Saturday9:00 AMIn StadiumWC#1 Kutztown33#8 Rutgers5
Saturday9:20 AMField 1NSCRO BIthaca14Claremont Colleges19
Saturday9:20 AMField 2HSDoylestown24Kiski12
Saturday9:20 AMIn StadiumWC#2 Notre Dame25#7 Temple5
Saturday9:40 AMField 1FDartmouth17Temple5
Saturday9:40 AMField 2FClemson7Utah12
Saturday9:40 AMIn StadiumWC#3 Boston University21#6 Arizona5
Saturday10:00 AMField 1ACal41Tennessee0
Saturday10:00 AMField 2AArkansas State24Maryland0
Saturday10:00 AMIn StadiumDDrexel0LIFE46
Saturday10:20 AMField 1BKutztown19Notre Dame12
Saturday10:20 AMField 2BBoston College21Indiana12
Saturday10:20 AMIn StadiumDPenn State29Virginia Tech12
Saturday10:40 AMField 1EUCLA38Wisconsin0
Saturday10:40 AMField 2EMichigan5South Carolina12
Saturday10:40 AMIn StadiumCArizona20Army0
Saturday11:00 AMField 1NSCRO ANew Mexico Highlands Univ.45Babson College0
Saturday11:00 AMField 2HSNAVS17Rugby South Carolina26
Saturday11:00 AMIn StadiumCNavy12St. Joe’s22
Saturday11:20 AMField 1NSCRO ASusquehanna10Louisiana State-Alexandria0
Saturday11:20 AMField 2WC#4 Delaware5#5 Bloomsburg10
Saturday11:20 AMIn StadiumFClemson14Dartmouth21
Saturday11:40 AMField 1NSCRO BFranklin & Marshall12Claremont Colleges12
Saturday11:40 AMField 2W Cup QF#4 Navy22#5 Princeton10
Saturday11:40 AMIn StadiumFTemple14Utah21
Saturday12:00 PMField 1NSCRO BIthaca12St. Mary’s19
Saturday12:00 PMField 2HSShannahan34Burrell7
Saturday12:00 PMIn StadiumATennessee0Arkansas State40
Saturday12:20 PMField 1DDrexel12Penn State27
Saturday12:20 PMField 2DLIFE5Virginia Tech7
Saturday12:20 PMIn StadiumACal31Maryland0
Saturday12:40 PMField 1CArmy5St. Joe’s25
Saturday12:40 PMField 2CArizona17Navy0
Saturday12:40 PMIn StadiumBIndiana22Notre Dame7
Saturday1:00 PMField 1NSCRO ANew Mexico Highlands Univ.38Susquehanna12
Saturday1:00 PMField 2PhillyDelaware34West Chester5
Saturday1:00 PMIn StadiumBBoston College10Kutztown22
Saturday1:20 PMField 1NSCRO ABabson College19Louisiana State-Alexandria12
Saturday1:20 PMField 2PhillyVillanova19U.Penn14
Saturday1:20 PMIn StadiumESouth Carolina5Wisconsin29
Saturday1:40 PMField 1NSCRO BFranklin & Marshall41Ithaca0
Saturday1:40 PMField 2PhillyRowan7Mount St. Mary’s33
Saturday1:40 PMIn StadiumAMaryland22Tennessee14
Saturday2:00 PMField 1NSCRO BClaremont Colleges10St. Mary’s19
Saturday2:00 PMField 2HSUnionville27Blackthorn5
Saturday2:05 PMIn StadiumFClemson12Temple19
Saturday2:20 PMField 1W Cup QF#1 LIFE27#8 Michigan0
Saturday2:20 PMField 2HSUnion City19Coventry5
Saturday2:27 PMIn StadiumDDrexel7Virginia Tech24
Saturday2:40 PMField 1W Cup QF#2 Penn State27#7 Ohio State0
Saturday2:40 PMField 2HSMalvern5NAVS Open29
Saturday2:49 PMIn StadiumFDartmouth19Utah15
Saturday3:00 PMField 1W Cup QF#3 Lindenwood21#6 NSCRO Select14
Saturday3:00 PMField 2HSWest End38Downingtown0
Saturday3:11 PMIn StadiumBBoston College14Notre Dame24
Saturday3:20 PMField 1PhillyDelaware29U.Penn0
Saturday3:20 PMField 2HSNJ Blaze40Kingswood0
Saturday3:33 PMIn StadiumCArizona14St. Joe’s5
Saturday3:40 PMField 1PhillyVillanova0Mount St. Mary’s45
Saturday3:40 PMField 2HSDoylestown24Rock Rugby5
Saturday4:00 PMField 1PhillyRowan24West Chester12
Saturday4:00 PMField 2HSKiski0DSHA15
Saturday4:05 PMIn StadiumEMichigan0UCLA38
Saturday4:20 PMField 1HSWest Shore15Unionville5
Saturday4:20 PMField 2HSFairfax5Union County10
Saturday4:27 PMIn StadiumBIndiana12Kutztown17
Saturday4:49 PMIn StadiumACal24Arkansas State12
Saturday5:11 PMIn StadiumDLIFE17Penn State7
Saturday5:33 PMIn StadiumCArmy21Navy10
Saturday6:00 PMIn StadiumEMichigan26Wisconsin0
Saturday6:20 PMIn StadiumESouth Carolina7UCLA19
Saturday6:40 PMIn StadiumPhillyDelaware32Villanova5
Saturday7:00 PMIn StadiumPhillyRowan33U.Penn0
Saturday7:20 PMIn StadiumPhillyMount St. Mary’s21West Chester10
Sunday8:00 AMField 1Boy’s HS Open Cup SemiArchmere22Media5
Sunday8:00 AMField 2Men’s Bowl QuarterfinalsArmy36Tennessee0
Sunday8:00 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Quarter Final CupUCLA19Penn State12
Sunday8:20 AMField 1Boy’s HS Open Cup SemiWestChester21Downingtown12
Sunday8:20 AMField 2Men’s Bowl QuarterfinalsMaryland24Drexel0
Sunday8:22 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Quarter Final CupCal24Ark St14
Sunday8:40 AMField 1Boy’s HS Elite Cup SemiGreenwich7Utah38
Sunday8:40 AMField 2Men’s Bowl QuarterfinalsBoston College21Michigan0
Sunday8:44 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Quarter Final CupArizona17Life12
Sunday9:00 AMField 1Boy’s HS Elite Cup SemiRock5MD Exiles21
Sunday9:00 AMField 2Men’s Bowl QuarterfinalsClemson10Navy5
Sunday9:06 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Quarter Final CupKutztown19Dartmouth12
Sunday9:20 AMField 1Men’s Plate Quarter FinalWisconsin33Temple0
Sunday9:20 AMField 2Girl’s HS Cup SemiWest End27DSHA0
Sunday9:28 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Plate QuarterfinalSaintJoes12South Carolina19
Sunday9:40 AMField 1Men’s Plate Quarter FinalVirginiaTech7Indiana31
Sunday9:40 AMField 2Girl’s HS Cup SemiNJ Blaze26Doylestown5
Sunday9:48 AMIn-stadiumMen’s Plate QuarterfinalsUtah5Notre Dame0
Sunday10:00 AMField 1NSCRO SemiNewMexicoHighlands22Franklin and Marshall0
Sunday10:00 AMField 2Philly Division Semifinal #1Villanova7Mount St. Mary’s17
Sunday10:08 AMIn-stadiumMens Bowl SemiArmy22Clemson7
Sunday10:20 AMField 1NSCRO SemiStMary’sCollege17Susquehanna12
Sunday10:20 AMField 2Philly Division Semifinal #2Delaware17Rowan15
Sunday10:28 AMIn-stadiumMens Bowl SemiMaryland15Boston College12
Sunday10:40 AMField 1NSCRO 7thLSU26Ithaca10
Sunday10:40 AMField 2Women’s Challenge Semifinal #1Kutztown7Bloomsburg5
Sunday10:48 AMIn-stadiumWomens SemiLife19Navy0
Sunday11:00 AMField 1NSCRO 5thBabson5Claremont Colleges17
Sunday11:00 AMField 2Women’s Challenge Semifinal #2Notre Dame15Boston University12
Sunday11:08 AMIn-stadiumWomens SemiPennState5Lindenwood14
Sunday11:20 AMField 1Mens Plate SemiSouth Carolina7Indiana25
Sunday11:20 AMField 2Women’s Cup Consolation SemifinalMichigan21Princeton10
Sunday11:28 AMIn-stadiumCup Semi 1UCLA14Kutztown12
Sunday11:40 AMField 1Mens Plate SemiWisconsin17Utah12
Sunday11:40 AMField 2NSCRO 3rd PlaceSusquehanna17Franklin and Marshall12
Sunday11:50 AMIn-stadiumCup Semi 2Cal38Arizona5
Sunday12:00 PMField 1Boy’s HS Elite Consolation Quarterfinal LosersFishers7Fairfield17
Sunday12:00 PMField 2Philly Division 5th Place MatchU.Penn12West Chester17
Sunday12:12 PMIn-stadiumNSCRO FinalNew Mexico Highlands Univ.31St. Mary’s College7
Sunday12:20 PMField 1Women’s Cup Consolation SemiOhio State5NSCRO Elite27
Sunday12:20 PMField 2Women’s Challenge FinalKutztown14Notre Dame17
Sunday12:32 PMIn-stadiumPhilly Div FinalMount St. Mary’s12Delaware36
Sunday12:40 PMField 1Philly Division 3rd Place MatchVillanova17Rowan24
Sunday12:40 PMField 2Boy’s HS Elite Consolation Quarterfinal LosersWest Shore10Rhino15
Sunday12:52 PMIn-stadiumWomen’s FinalLife19Lindenwood10
Sunday1:00 PMField 1Women’s Challenge 3rd Place MatchBloomsburg22Boston Univeristy12
Sunday1:00 PMField 2Girl’s HS Consolation Bracket FinalFairfax20West Shore10
Sunday1:14 PMIn-stadiumFinal PlateIndiana7Wisconsin10
Sunday1:20 PMField 1Women’s Cup 7th Place MatchPrinceton10Ohio State17
Sunday1:20 PMField 2Girl’s HS Consolation Bracket 3rd PlaceWest Shore16Union15
Sunday1:39 PMIn-stadiumCup Final (30 minutes)UCLA7CAL31
Sunday1:40 PMField 1Women’s Cup 5th Place MatchMichigan5NSCRO Elite20
Sunday1:40 PMField 2Girl’s HS Consolation Bracket Quarterfinal Losers #1Downingtown17Kiski17
Sunday2:00 PMField 1Womens Challenge Consolatation SemiRutgers19Delaware0
Sunday2:00 PMField 2Girl’s HS Consolation Bracket Quarterfinal Losers #2Kingswood12Rock Rugby10
Sunday2:09 PMIn-stadiumFinal BowlArmy10Maryland0
Sunday2:20 PMField 1Womens Challenge Consolatation SemisTemple5Arizona25
Sunday2:20 PMField 2Boy’s HS Open Consolation Quarterfinal LosersNarbeth14LaSalle15
Sunday14In-stadiumHS Elite Boys FinalUtah0MD Exiles10
Sunday2:40 PMField 1Boy’s HS Elite Consolation Bracket FinalDoylestown21Rugby South Carolina29
Sunday2:40 PMField 2Boy’s HS Open Consolation Bracket Winners #1Shanahan24Media5
Sunday2:49 PMIn-stadiumGirl’s HS FinalWest End33NJ Blaze5
Sunday3:00 PMField 1Women’s Cup 3rd Place MatchNavy5Penn State27
Sunday3:00 PMField 2Boy’s HS Open Consolation Bracket Winners #2Unionsville 139NAVS6
Sunday3:09 PMIn-stadiumHS Open Boys FinalArchmereWest Chester
Sunday3:20 PMField 1Boy’s HS Elite Consolation Bracket 3rd PlaceDowningtown5NAVS10
Sunday3:20 PMField 2Boy’s HS Consolation Bracket Losers #1Narberth15Malvern19
Sunday3:40 PMField 1Boy’s HS Open Consolation Quarterfinal LoserUnionville 2St. Augestine
Sunday3:40 PMField 2Boy’s HS Consolation Bracket Losers #2CoventryBlackthorn
Sunday4:00 PMField 1Women’s Challenge 5th Place MatchArizona15Rutgers10
Sunday4:00 PMField 2Women’s Challenge 7th Place MatchTemple10Delaware25