Alabama | Collegiate Rugby Championship


Founded in 1973, the University of Alabama Rugby Football club is the oldest sports club at UA. The club serves as an avenue for outstanding and committed student athletes to serve as leaders on the field, on campus, and in the classroom. Primarily a student‰Ûrun team, players take on leadership roles that include not only being students-athletes, but also coaching, organizing, advertising, recruiting, and merchandising. 20+ year volunteer Head Coaches Mark Seitz and Malcolm Croft provide highly valuable on-field assistance, and the club hopes to use their recent success to springboard their way to greater support from the University and outside channels. Bama Rugby participates in the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC), a conference that fields the highest level of collegiate rugby competition in the region, and one that continues to improve each year. The program has grown to be a conference power after winning the SCRC Olympic Rugby Championship this spring, and finishing runner‰Ûup to South Carolina this fall in the 15‰’s Championship. Alabama, while proud of their recent achievements, have their sights set on continued growth as they work towards establishing themselves as a perpetual, prominent powerhouse in Southeastern Rugby. This year‰’s UARFC 7‰’s team will be the first in program history to compete at the CRC‰’s for a National Championship. Led by a strong core of veteran players, Bama Rugby hopes that balance, conditioning and discipline will allow for the Crimson Tide to make a successful showing on the national rugby scene.

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