Army | Collegiate Rugby Championship


The United States Military Academy is renowned because of its historic and distinguished reputation as a military academy, and as a leading, progressive institution of higher education. Made legendary in books and movies produced over the years, the Academy’s “Long Gray Line” of graduates includes some of our nation’s most famous and influential men: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, George S. Patton, Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower and Norman Schwarzkopf. Because of this superb education and leadership experience, West Point graduates historically have been sought for high level civilian and military leadership positions. Their numbers include two U.S. presidents, several ambassadors, state governors, legislators, judges, cabinet members, educators, astronauts and corporate executives. Today, West Point continues to provide hundreds of young men and women the unique opportunity to develop physically, ethically and intellectually while building a foundation for an exciting, challenging and rewarding career as an Army officer in the service of our nation. Cadets have much more responsibility in running the Academy than students in most other colleges or universities. It adds to the leadership experience at the world’s premier leader-development institution. Cadets succeed at West Point because of the support they receive from the staff and faculty. After all, many faculty members are West Point graduates and understand the challenge cadets face on a daily basis. They also serve as ideal role models, showing cadets what Army life is like. The U.S. Military Academy’s primary strength is its ability to develop leaders of character who are committed to “Duty, Honor, Country” and selfless service to our nation.

Head Coach: Matt Sherman
Assistant Coach: Dave Geib
Assistant Coach: Andrew Locke
Assistant Coach: Marty Veale
Athletic Trainer: Alex Lane
Strength & Conditioning: Kenny O’Mara

Players to Watch
Jake Lachina is a big-time player for the Black Knights. As a fullback in 15s, he is used to operating in space and reading an open field. At 6-3, his height and wingspan make him a tough guy to bring down and a threat in the air on restarts. Luke Heun is a tough, blue-collar defender whose skills are quickly developing for someone new to rugby and a good step. Andrew Fargo has very quick feet and is an impressive playmaker with attacking flair.

The Scoop
Army has had mixed results at the CRC. 2016 marked the first year back in the competition since 2012. Altogether, the Black Knights have played in the CRC four times, only once making the top eight, and that was in 2012, when they lost to Dartmouth in the final. In their return, they posted a losing record in pool play, though they defeated rival Navy, and went undefeated on the second day. They got better throughout the tournament, and that experience should have them more ready this time around. Army is capable of getting to the quarterfinals or further, but missing out on the top eight is also a possibility.

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