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2017 Men’s Penn Mutual CRC

The Women’s division of the CRC has become the co-star of the CRC weekend, with 16 of the nation’s best teams competing for the crown. The semifinals and final will be held in the stadium, and the final will air live on national television via NBC Sports Network. Life is the returning champion, and Penn State won the previous three tournaments. This year, though, Lindenwood is the favorite, having already claimed USA Rugby’s championship over both the Running Eagles and the Nittany Lions. There are eight players in this competition which represented their county at the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China.

2017 Women’s Penn Mutual CRC

The National Small College Rugby Organization will crown its fifth national champion at Talen Energy Stadium this weekend. NSCRO, with more than 230 men’s teams nationwide, represents a large portion of the collegiate rugby population. New Mexico Highlands is gunning for a third-consecutive title this year. Only Babson and St. Mary’s join the Vatos in returning from last year’s competition, as there are five newcomers this time around.

2017 NSCRO Championship

The Men’s Challenger Cup has evolved from being a Philadelphia-area based competition that would promote a local team to the following year’s main event, the Penn Mutual CRC, to a broader tournament. There are now teams from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and New York. Delaware won this competition last year, and now the Blue Hens are on the big stage, just like this year’s winner will be in 2018. Mt. St. Mary’s is a newer varsity-like program, so look for The Mount to be competitive. Fordham will also be a team to keep an eye on.

2017 Collegiate Challenge Cup

More than 30 boys and girls teams from across the nation will vie for the top trophies in the high school division. With teams from as far away as Texas, Wisconsin, California, Utah and Colorado, as well as numerous others from throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, this is truly a national competition. Friday, the boys will play at Neumann University and the girls will play at Drexel. Saturday and Sunday the competition moves to the Talen Energy Stadium grounds, with the championship matches taking place in the stadium. Several teams in the main event, the men’s and women’s CRC divisions, are alums of this high school competition, including Richelle Stephens of Lindenwood and Jihad Khabir of AIC, two stars in their respective tournaments.

DateTimeFieldCompetitionPool/RoundTeam ATeam A ScoreTeam BTeam B ScoreWinnerLoserTeam 1 PointsTeam 2 Points
Friday10:00 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOAEagle MountainLaSalle
Friday10:00 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODDoylestown22Salesianum31SalesianumDoylestown13
Friday10:20 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOANarberth0Blackthorn25BlackthornNarberth13
Friday10:20 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODUnion33West Chester7UnionWest Chester31
Friday10:40 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBMalvern40Burrell0MalvernBurrell31
Friday10:40 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCMedia20Downingtown21DowningtownMedia13
Friday11:00 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBBethesda10Shanahan28ShanahanBethesda13
Friday11:00 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCNorth Bay29Unionville7North BayUnionville31
Friday11:20 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEARhino Rugby Academy12DMV United17DMV UnitedRhino Rugby Academy13
Friday11:20 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals40NJ Blaze0Utah CannibalsNJ Blaze31
Friday11:40 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEAGreenwich12West Shore19West ShoreGreenwich13
Friday11:40 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBSt. Augustine0West Chester Turks Head45West Chester Turks HeadSt. Augustine13
Friday12:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCODDoylestown0Union26UnionDoylestown13
Friday12:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOAEagle Mountain25Narberth0Eagle MountainNarberth31
Friday12:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCODSalesianum39West Chester5SalesianumWest Chester31
Friday12:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOALaSalle37Blackthorn5LaSalleBlackthorn31
Friday12:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOCMedia33North Bay5MediaNorth Bay31
Friday12:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOBMalvern45Bethesda10MalvernBethesda31
Friday1:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOCDowningtown38Unionville0DowningtownUnionville31
Friday1:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOBBurrell17Shanahan26ShanahanBurrell13
Friday1:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEBRhino Rugby Academy31Greenwich22Rhino Rugby AcademyGreenwich31
Friday1:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals46St. Augustine7Utah CannibalsSt. Augustine31
Friday1:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEBDMV United17West Shore0DMV UnitedWest Shore31
Friday1:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBNJ Blaze19West Chester Turks Head36West Chester Turks HeadNJ Blaze13
Friday2:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOAEagle Mountain20Blackthorn15Eagle MountainBlackthorn31
Friday2:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODDoylestown29West Chester12DoylestownWest Chester31
Friday2:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOALaSalle25Narberth0LaSalleNarberth31
Friday2:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODSalesianum12Union10SalesianumUnion31
Friday2:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBMalvern22Shanahan12MalvernShanahan31
Friday2:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCMedia33Unionville5MediaUnionville31
Friday3:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBBurrell24Bethesda22BurrellBethesda31
Friday3:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCDowningtown24North Bay7DowningtownNorth Bay31
Friday3:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEARhino Rugby Academy29West Shore0Rhino Rugby AcademyWest Shore31
Friday3:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals47West Chester Turks Head7Utah CannibalsWest Chester Turks Head31
Friday3:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEADMV United33Greenwich5DMV UnitedGreenwich31
Friday3:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBNJ Blaze22St. Augustine29St. AugustineNJ Blaze13
Saturday8:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup Semi-Final #1DMV United26WC Turks Head0DMV UnitedWC Turks Head31
Saturday9:00 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup Semi-Final #2Utah Cannibals10Rhino7Utah CannibalsRhino31
Saturday9:20 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (10 vs.15)Doylestown5Unionville12UnionvilleDoylestown13
Saturday11:00 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (9 vs. 16) (Friendly)BlackthornUnionville
Saturday12:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (11 vs. 14)North Bay19West Chester7North BayWest Chester31
Saturday2:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #1Malvern26Shanahan7MalvernShanahan31
Saturday2:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #2LaSalle22Eagle Mountain14LaSalleEagle Mountain31
Saturday2:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #3Downington10Union26UnionDownington13
Saturday3:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #4Salesium0Media26MediaSalesium13
Saturday3:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Semi-Final #1West Shore24Blaze0West ShoreBlaze31
Saturday3:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Semi-Final #2St. Augustine7Greenwich36GreenwichSt. Augustine13
Saturday4:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (12 vs. 13)Utah Cannibals24DSHA0Utah CannibalsDSHA31
Saturday4:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final #1Summit5Blaze37BlazeSummit13
Saturday4:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final #2Malvern29Media0MalvernMedia31
Sunday8:00 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge 3rd Place31
Sunday8:20 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Final31
Sunday8:40 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup 3rd Place31
Sunday8:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal Loser (1 vs. 4)31
Sunday9:20 AMStadiumHSRCHS Boys Open Final31
Sunday9:40 AMStadiumHSRCHS Girls Final31
Sunday11:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quaterfinal Loser (2 vs. 3)31
Sunday12:00 PMStadiumHSRCHS Boys Elite Final31
Sunday1:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Semi-Final #131
Sunday1:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Semi-Final #231
Sunday1:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Quarterfinal Loser (1 vs. 4)31
Sunday2:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Quarterfinal Loser (2 vs. 3)31
Sunday2:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge 3rd Place31
Sunday3:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Final31
Sunday3:40 PMField 1HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final Losers31

DateJune 3-4, 2017 (Saturday – Sunday)
Saturday June 3rd – Gates Open at 7:30 am for outside fields; festival and stadium gates open shortly thereafter

Sunday June 4th – Gates Open at 7:30 am for outside fields; festival and stadium gates open shortly thereafter
OrganizerUnited World Sports
PrizePete Dawkins Cup
Previous Champions2010 – University of Utah
2011 – Dartmouth
2012 – Dartmouth
2013 – University of California
2014 – University of California
2015 – University of California
2016 – University of California
Tournament Bracket2016 Results and Fixtures
Official Draw2017 Official Pools and Standings
Match DurationSeven minutes each way with two-minute intervals for pool, knock-out matches. 7 minutes each way for the Championship final.
Sevens RugbyWith only seven players per team playing on the same size pitch as a 15’s rugby match, sevens rugby offers non-stop action where speed, high scoring & athleticism rule the day. Rugby Sevens will be an Olympic sport starting in 2016 and the USA Sevens Rugby Collegiate Championship Invitational offers fans a preview of the talent pool available for the U.S. Olympic team.

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TelevisionNBC Sports (national), NBC 10 (local), NBC Sportsnet, NBC Universal, Comcast Sportsnet (local and regionally for event showcase and promotions)