Indiana vs Wisconsin - Collegiate Rugby Championship

Indiana vs Wisconsin

Wisconsin held on through a relentless Indiana comeback to win 10-7 and claim the 2016 Men’s CRC Plate. The first half was relatively stagnant. Indiana put pressure on early, but were quickly bounced back out beyond the Wisconsin 22. From there, the Badgers went to work, bringing the ball in close and wearing down the Hoosiers before finally going over for a try to end the half. Luke Hendricks was the scorer for Wisconsin. The Badgers got the scoring started in the second half with a Jacob Syndergaard try. He got the ball on the outside, dummied to the touch line before going over for the 10-0 Wisconsin lead. After Indiana’s attempt at a counter ended in a knock on, Wisconsin brought it back inside the Indiana 22 and turned it over. From there, a great Indiana three-on-one opportunity put Tyler Graham over the line and Indiana on the board, cutting the Badger lead to 10-7. They kept up the pressure in the final minute, but lost the ball on a knock-on with 30 seconds remaining. The Hoosiers got it back, though, and fought hard for the match-winning try. Indiana only got as far as five meters from the try line before taking a penalty to seal their fate.

Sunday, 05 Jun
06/05/2016 01:14 PM Plate FinalIn-stadium

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