Collegiate Rugby Championship

NSCRO Final Four Review

Final Four NSCRO Teams Speak Post 2015 Men’s NSCRO 7s National Championship at the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship

Philadelphia, Penn. — June 14, 2015 —The New Mexico Highlands University’s men’s rugby team ousted the expected winner New England College to take home the Men’s NSCRO 7s National Championship title; the New England Lions had been aiming hoping to be the first men’s team to win a 7s and a 15s National Championship in the same year. Coincidentally both the Vatos and the Lions played in the 2014 NSCRO 7s final, but with the opposite results. The 2015 Championship’s final score was 22-19, meanwhile the consolation match for third and fourth place finished out with the University North Florida 28 vs. 17 the Claremont Colleges.

Head Coach P.J. Trujillo of the Vatos

7s“These young men put in a lot of hard work to get back to Philly, after last year’s close loss to a very good New England College team who we had beat in pool play only to lose the championship to them.. So this year’s team wanted to be back in the stadium for the the semifinals and final match.. We started slow in pool play, but with each match we gained momentum. Carried it over to the finals and as we watched, won on a great effort by the whole team to win…a bunch of great guys.”

Head Coach Jeremy Treece of the Lions

“It was easily the most exciting rugby match I’ve ever seen and I’m proud of my players for working so hard to get there. I’m just sorry we came out on the losing end, but if I had to lose to any team I’m glad it was New Mexico. Congratulations Vatos Rugby you are a first class rugby team and I wish you all the best in the future.”

Head Coach Jeremy Ognall of Claremont College

“Well obviously we had a much better day yesterday than today. Today was hard. You know I think the west coast travel and the hot, humid weather really took its tool on us and it showed in our performance yesterday. Overall I think the boys, by making the semifinal  they accomplished our goal. It’s our first trip and hopefully one of many. We’re planning on coming back.”

William “Rat” Mueller of North Florida

“I’d never heard about rugby before I came to college- as for most of our team. We pick up guys from campus and none of them have ever had rugby experience and we just get them out there and do it for fun. 7s is always a great rugby for summer, you know, it’s just more open, more about fast rugby, fast play- so I enjoy it. I have on more year left of eligibility.”

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