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NSCRO Returns to Penn Mutual CRC for the Third Consecutive Year

NSCRO Men’s 7s Championship Continues as a Part of the 2015 Penn Mutual CRC

Philadelphia, Penn. — May 5, 2015 — The National Small College Rugby Organization’s (NSCRO) Men’s 7s Championship will return to the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship (Penn Mutual CRC) for the third consecutive year this spring. The event itself will be broadcasted on the Penn Mutual CRC’s website via Livestream. Before its induction to the event, no such 7s championship existed in NSCRO for 7s, but rather solely 15s.

Unlike the rest of the events at the Penn Mutual CRC, this NSCRO championship is not an invitational tournament, but requires a qualification based off of match performances. To get an entry, teams must win any of seven specific qualifying tournaments that take place in various locations during the spring. Additionally one team will be added based off
of merit qualifications to have a total of eight teams play in the championship.

This year’s competitors who received entry via tournament wins are: Claremont College, Lafayette College, Lee University, New England College, Susquehanna University, University of North Florida and Wayne State College. Meanwhile New Mexico Highlands University received the eighth spot via NSCRO’s review of its 2014-15 team performance. NSCRO also reviewed match videos, had discussions with event hosts and referees to review the performance of the second place teams from the 7s quarterfinals.

The Head Coach of Susquehanna  University’s men’s rugby  program, Dr. Jonathan Niles commented, “Being part of the  NSCRO 7s Championship has  helped our team take a step  forward with our administration.  As we have succeeded on the field, they have given us more funds and support. They have promoted our participation via press releases and their website. In addition, our alumni have become more engaged with the university and are donating more to the club. As Philadelphia is an area where a majority of our players come from, we are starting to see more potential recruits from the Philadelphia-area.”

NSCRO’s connection to the Penn Mutual CRC happened by chance. The organization’s President, Stephen Cohen, had a cousin who was a co-worker with someone who worked at the championship- from there it was history. NSCRO exists with the acknowledgement and approval of USA Rugby, the larger National Governing Body of the sport in the United States. In 2012 USA Rugby recognized NSCRO as an independent organization with a mutual responsibility for the growth and development of small college rugby and provides NSCRO with support in various ways.

The Penn Mutual CRC Tournament Director Donal Walsh, explained, “Our staff has been very impressed with what NSCRO has created over the last number of years with their 7s rugby competition. Commissioner Howard Kent and President Steve Cohen run a great national competition that attracts the top NSCRO 7s rugby to compete in their regional tournaments and to win a spot at the National Championships at PPL Park on May 30th and 31st. Since the teams that have qualified for 2015 are coming from the four corners of the nation, this competition will be one of the most exciting ones of the weekend. We encourage all fans to come out and witness the crowning of the 2015 NSCRO 7s Rugby National Champion.”

NSCRO was created in 2007 with about 50 women’s and 90 men’s teams as an outgrowth of the East Coast Division III Championships started by Cohen in 2002. As of 2015 the organization’s participating schools extend to all regions of the country and over 300 men and women’s colleges, including 22 men’s leagues and 10 women’s and running five different national playoff systems.

Cohen said, “At NSCRO we think that collegiate rugby is more than 80 minutes of just knocking heads on the field. It’s really a great way to help develop young adults into responsive persons: understanding the value of teamwork and service, not just to a club but to a community. We are very keen on helping to promote that. We’re not just a playoff system, we’re involved of every aspect of developing young adults.”

To learn more about NSCRO, visit them online at

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