2017 Penn Mutual CRC is Off to the races | Collegiate Rugby Championship
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2017 Men’s Penn Mutual CRC
2017 Women’s Penn Mutual CRC
2017 NSCRO Championship
2017 Collegiate Challenge Cup
DateTimeFieldCompetitionPool/RoundTeam ATeam A ScoreTeam BTeam B ScoreWinnerLoserTeam 1 PointsTeam 2 Points
Friday10:00 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOAEagle MountainLaSalle
Friday10:00 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODDoylestown22Salesianum31SalesianumDoylestown13
Friday10:20 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOANarberth0Blackthorn25BlackthornNarberth13
Friday10:20 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODUnion33West Chester7UnionWest Chester31
Friday10:40 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBMalvern40Burrell0MalvernBurrell31
Friday10:40 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCMedia20Downingtown21DowningtownMedia13
Friday11:00 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBBethesda10Shanahan28ShanahanBethesda13
Friday11:00 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCNorth Bay29Unionville7North BayUnionville31
Friday11:20 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEARhino Rugby Academy12DMV United17DMV UnitedRhino Rugby Academy13
Friday11:20 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals40NJ Blaze0Utah CannibalsNJ Blaze31
Friday11:40 AMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEAGreenwich12West Shore19West ShoreGreenwich13
Friday11:40 AMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBSt. Augustine0West Chester Turks Head45West Chester Turks HeadSt. Augustine13
Friday12:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCODDoylestown0Union26UnionDoylestown13
Friday12:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOAEagle Mountain25Narberth0Eagle MountainNarberth31
Friday12:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCODSalesianum39West Chester5SalesianumWest Chester31
Friday12:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOALaSalle37Blackthorn5LaSalleBlackthorn31
Friday12:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOCMedia33North Bay5MediaNorth Bay31
Friday12:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOBMalvern45Bethesda10MalvernBethesda31
Friday1:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOCDowningtown38Unionville0DowningtownUnionville31
Friday1:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOBBurrell17Shanahan26ShanahanBurrell13
Friday1:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEBRhino Rugby Academy31Greenwich22Rhino Rugby AcademyGreenwich31
Friday1:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals46St. Augustine7Utah CannibalsSt. Augustine31
Friday1:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEBDMV United17West Shore0DMV UnitedWest Shore31
Friday1:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBNJ Blaze19West Chester Turks Head36West Chester Turks HeadNJ Blaze13
Friday2:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOAEagle Mountain20Blackthorn15Eagle MountainBlackthorn31
Friday2:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODDoylestown29West Chester12DoylestownWest Chester31
Friday2:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOALaSalle25Narberth0LaSalleNarberth31
Friday2:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCODSalesianum12Union10SalesianumUnion31
Friday2:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBMalvern22Shanahan12MalvernShanahan31
Friday2:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCMedia33Unionville5MediaUnionville31
Friday3:00 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCOBBurrell24Bethesda22BurrellBethesda31
Friday3:00 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCOCDowningtown24North Bay7DowningtownNorth Bay31
Friday3:20 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEARhino Rugby Academy29West Shore0Rhino Rugby AcademyWest Shore31
Friday3:20 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBUtah Cannibals47West Chester Turks Head7Utah CannibalsWest Chester Turks Head31
Friday3:40 PMNeumann University – Field 1HSRCEADMV United33Greenwich5DMV UnitedGreenwich31
Friday3:40 PMNeumann University – Field 2HSRCEBNJ Blaze22St. Augustine29St. AugustineNJ Blaze13
Saturday8:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup Semi-Final #1DMV United26WC Turks Head0DMV UnitedWC Turks Head31
Saturday9:00 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup Semi-Final #2Utah Cannibals10Rhino7Utah CannibalsRhino31
Saturday9:20 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (10 vs.15)Doylestown5Unionville12UnionvilleDoylestown13
Saturday11:00 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (9 vs. 16) (Friendly)BlackthornUnionville
Saturday12:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (11 vs. 14)North Bay19West Chester7North BayWest Chester31
Saturday2:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #1Malvern26Shanahan7MalvernShanahan31
Saturday2:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #2LaSalle22Eagle Mountain14LaSalleEagle Mountain31
Saturday2:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #3Downington10Union26UnionDownington13
Saturday3:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal #4Salesium0Media26MediaSalesium13
Saturday3:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Semi-Final #1West Shore24Blaze0West ShoreBlaze31
Saturday3:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Semi-Final #2St. Augustine7Greenwich36GreenwichSt. Augustine13
Saturday4:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge (12 vs. 13)Utah Cannibals24DSHA0Utah CannibalsDSHA31
Saturday4:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final #1Summit5Blaze37BlazeSummit13
Saturday4:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final #2Malvern29Media0MalvernMedia31
Sunday8:00 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge 3rd Place31
Sunday8:20 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Challenge Final31
Sunday8:40 AMField 1HSRCHS Boys Elite Cup 3rd Place31
Sunday8:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quarterfinal Loser (1 vs. 4)31
Sunday9:20 AMStadiumHSRCHS Boys Open Final31
Sunday9:40 AMStadiumHSRCHS Girls Final31
Sunday11:40 AMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Quaterfinal Loser (2 vs. 3)31
Sunday12:00 PMStadiumHSRCHS Boys Elite Final31
Sunday1:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Semi-Final #131
Sunday1:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Semi-Final #231
Sunday1:40 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Quarterfinal Loser (1 vs. 4)31
Sunday2:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Quarterfinal Loser (2 vs. 3)31
Sunday2:20 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge 3rd Place31
Sunday3:00 PMField 2HSRCHS Boys Open Challenge Final31
Sunday3:40 PMField 1HSRCHS Boys Open Cup Semi-Final Losers31

Women’s Challenge QF: ND vs. IU

Notre Dame got the day started against in-state rival, Indiana. The Irish were a converted try away from competing for the top prize of the weekend, but a loss to Navy to end Day 1, left Notre Dame as the top seed in challenge bracket. The Hoosiers had a much rougher go in pool play, The Irish took the (10–5) lead at halftime. The start of the second half saw the Irish again on the foot with a try up the right wing to extend the margin to 17–5. Notre Dame extended the lead with a breakaway try up the gut to put the match out of reach at 22–5. A final unconverted try for the Irish sent Notre Dame into the semifinal, leaving the Hoosiers with much work for the offseason. Notre Dame 27, Indiana 5.

Women’s Challenge QF: Temple vs. UNC

After early pressure, the Temple Owls finally broke through a tough Tar Heel defense to score in the right corner three minutes in. Bent but unbroken, UNC answered back with converted try to take the narrow two-point lead five minutes into the match. Almost instantly, Temple’s Haley Schwalm added a second try for Temple to retake the lead. The half ended with Temple ruled just shy of a third try.

Much like the first half, the second half began with UNC backed up, but proving stiff in defense. Despite occasional possession, North Carolina struggled to avoid errors, giving up possession in the process. Finally, Temple’s captain, Olivia Rasp, find space for a converted try to give her side a two-score advantage. Another try by Rasp capped off a solid victory for Temple and a spot in the Challenge Semis: Temple 22, North Carolina 7.

Women’s Challenge QF: Drexel vs. Northeastern

A cracking run by Northeastern looked likely to result in a try, but ended with a knock-on ten meters shy of the line. After conceding possession and playing on defense for several phases, Northeastern got the try that seemed on offer earlier, with an unconverted score in the far left corner. The next score would not come until two and a half minutes into the second half, when Drexel added its second unconverted try. With Drexel needing to score to stay in it, Northeastern added a third unconverted try to put the match out of reach. A fourth try in the fourteenth minute, this time under the post for the simple conversion, put any possibility of a reversal to rest. Showing a great deal of resiliency, Drexel continued to battle for a consolation score, finding that score comfortably into stoppage time. The upset victory is the first of the day. Northeastern 22, Drexel 5.

Women’s Challenge QF: Clemson v. Delaware

Delaware staved off an early deficit with a crucial tackle just ten meters from the Blue Hens line, leading to a Delware scrum, errors soon gave the ball back to Clemson inside the Delaware twenty-two, leading to a try by Hannah Miller for the 5–0 Tigers lead. A strong team try started by a spectacular run by Alexa Craig and capped off by Meghan Barnes. Paige Klein added the conversion for the 7–5 Delaware lead at the break.

To start the second half Barnes made it a brace with her second try. Much of the hard work for that score was led by Mekayla MacAdoo who literally bounced her run outside after throwing a massive shoulder into the Clemson defense. A powerful stiffarm added another score for Delaware, this time from Emily Griest. The conversion put Clemson two full scores behinds one more unconverted try for Delaware chalked up the second upset of the day. Delaware 24, Clemson 5.

Women’s Cup QF: Life vs. Navy

Most of the first three minutes were played inside the Navy tweet-two. Nevertheless, the resilience of Navy held Life at bay. Despite a hard defense, the Midshipmen were not able to get out of their own half before Life finally found space on the left wing for a converted try. A second converted try off the restart looked more like the Running Eagles we saw on Day 1. Although the second half ended with life up just 14–0, the second half proved more fruitful. Life began with another converted try right out of the gate from the Navy restart by Kim Semiglia. A second try of the half came two minutes later, this time unconverted. Yet another try was added by Alex Sedrick. On the stroke of full time Whitney Wilson capped off the try and added her own conversion for the impressive stroll into the semifinals. Life 38, Navy 0.

Women’s Cup QF: Penn State v. Bloomsburg

Closing out the morning slate of women’s matches, three-time CRC champion Penn State took on Bloomsburg. An interception and try by Gianna Solomen got Penn State on the board first in the second minute of play. The tough conversion left wanting, the Nittany Lions held the narrow lead. A minute later, Penn State extended that lead to two scores with another unconverted try. Bloomsburg made it tough for Penn State, but the second half saw a third unconverted Penn State try.

Up 15–0 to start the second half, Gabby Cantorna took the opening kick in for a converted score, and a 22–0 lead with six minutes left. A streaking run by Sophie Pyrz was capped off by a try for Ellie Fromstein to make it 27–0 with a quarter of the match left to play. Solomen added a sixth score for her side, with the conversion slotted by Fromstein. Up 34–0, Penn State kept the killer instinct pressing forward, leading to a seventh try and leaving just enough time to add another. A foot in touch was all that kept that eighth try from happening. Penn State 39, Bloomsburg 0.

Bloomsburg acquitted itself well but there is no program in women’s rugby with bluer blood than Penn State, and it showed against Bloomsburg.

Men’s Pool D: Arizona v. AIC

The first men’s match in the stadium pitted Arizona against AIC. Arizona, the 2012 runner up is one of the few squads to have competed in every CRC. AIC, on the other hand, was making its debut. AIC started its CRC legacy with an inauspicious beginning, as the kickoff went directly into touch. Arizona controlled the opening possession, but Christian Adams got AIC the first points of the match. Jihad Khabir’s long conversion attempt was just off, leaving AIC up 5–0. Arizona’s Jonah Eldridge gave his team a try to level the match, with Shane Dempsey’s conversion giving Arizona the lead five minutes in. The first half ended with Arizona on attack, showing that experience matters at this level.

The second half was marked with massive hits and sold back and forth rugby. Arizona looked like it might score three minutes into the half with big runs by Ben Scoular and Matt Rogers. Instead, the AIC defense was able to stop Arizona and a short while later got a go-ahead score of its own. A knock on with a minute left squandered good attacking position for the Wildcats. In the end, the debutants proved the better side on the day. AIC 12, Arizona 7.

Men’s Pool D: UCLA v. Va. Tech

Continuing the ferocious Pool D, UCLA and Virginia Tech took the Talen Energy Stadium pitch. The Hokies looked to have scored first by way of John Gerard, but the ball was deemed to have gone loose prior to the grounding, giving UCLA a five-meter scrum. Instead, it was the Bruins who scored first, thanks to Jordan Robertson. Cain Barry added the conversion. A second UCLA score was avoided by a staunch Hokes defense that forced a penalty six meters out from the Virginia Tech line. As the half rolled to a close, UCLA regained possession, with Patrick French adding a second try. Barry’s conversion sent UCLA to halftime up 14–0.

An opportunistic try for Robertson to complete his brace came from an interception to put UCLA ahead 21–0 following Barry’s third conversion. Virginia Tech twice threatened to get on the board, but a great steal from Daniel Thomas stopped the first attempt an ill-advised chip ahead cost Virginia Tech the other. The next score went to UCLA from Jax Carter. The match ended with a dropped pass on the wing to keep UCLA from adding a fifth try. UCLA 26, Va. Tech 0.

The win keeps UCLA in the hunt in an extremely tough Pool D. For Virginia Tech, the loss means a very real possibility of going winless on Day 1.

Men’s Pool C: Army v. Lindenwood

Like the Arizona-AIC match, Army v. Lindenwood paired a CRC debutant, Lindenwood, against a CRC founder, Army. The cadets reached the 2011 CRC final but have struggled to perform consistently in the competition since. Lindenwood, although a newcomer, enters the CRC as the favorite in the eyes of many to hoist the  Dawkins Trophy at the close of tomorrow. The Lions scored first, but it was not easy. Four minutes of back and forth play finally opened up when Christian Rodriguez got the St. Louis team a try under the post. Captain Michael Baska nailed the easy conversion for a full-score lead over the West Pointers. A second score came quickly in the far right corner. Sam Chapman’s score did not leave an easy conversion for his captain, but Baska drove the ki k home for a 14–0 lead. Off the restart, Army looked to have awoken, but an initial foray into the Lindenwood half was ended with an interception that eventually resulted in Nick Feakes breaking free for Lindenwood’s third try of the half. The conversion by Baska was no good.

Army came out running in the second half, but a yellow card two minutes into the half all but officially put the matter to rest. Lindenwood added a fourth try and a third conversion to take firm hold of the match. Army continued to fight even down a man. Captain Jake Lachina dotted down by the post, giving Harrsion Farrell an easy conversion. The converted try also burned the yellow card, returning Army to its full complement. Although a win was out of reach, closing the gap in points could prove vital to Army’s hopes of reaching the quarterfinal as  one of the  top two second-placed teams. For good measure, Lindenwood’s Sam Chapman notched a second try for himself. The long conversion by Feakes made it a convincing win for the Lions. Lindenwood 33, Army 7.

Men’s Pool C: St. Joe’s vs. Navy

St. Joseph’s narrowly missed stealing the opening kick and left Navy in good position in the process. The Midshipmen registered the opening score forty-five seconds in from Connor McNerney. The Hawks did not back down, earning a try to level the match two minutes later. The makeable conversion clanged off the post to keep the team’s level. Despite an error on the restart–kicking directly to touch–the Hawks got the next score as well, thanks to a cracking run and chip ahead. The long conversion was true for the 12–5 Hawks lead ahead of intermission.

The second half started much better for Navy than the first half ended. Early attacking position pulled the Midshipmen within two of SJU with more than four minutes left in the match. A penalty a minute later against Navy called back what would have been the go-ahead try. The Hawks extended their lead with a remarkable try from Daniel Tilghman. The conversion was no good, keeping Navy within striking distance with seconds left. There was certainly not enough time for a Navy win, but there was just enough for a draw. In the end, it was not to be for the men of the United States Naval Academy. St. Joseph’s 17, Navy 10.

Pool F: Kutztown v. Tennessee

Kutztown wasted no time to show why the Golden Bears are in the short list of tournament favorites. Jason DeNofa streaked past the orange jerseys of the Volunteers for the opening try. Jackson Clark kicked the simple conversion. A minute later, DeNofa added his second try in line with the post. Clark once again struck the two-pointer. From there, the Volunteers stepped their game up, coming within one better offload from a try of their own. Instead, the next score came from a hard running Kina Malafu. Clark remained sure with the boot to make it 21–0 in the seventh minute of action. A fourth converted try on the stroke of halftime put Kutztown comfortably into the driver’s seat.

A true from Dmontae Noble and conversion by David Snead pushed Kutztown ahead 35–0. Next it was a highlight-reel step and run by Aaron Gray for the sixth Kutztown try. Snead again added the points after. Then it was a try for Sam Devine, capping off a run from Angel Santiago. Snead added the final points of the match. Kutztown 49, Tennessee 0.

Pool F: IU vs. South Carolina

The Hoosiers entered this year’s CRC an upset loss to Boston College last year away from consecutive quarterfinal appearances. Two years ago, an upset victory over Life saw the Hoosiers to the quarterfinals before a loss to Kutztown sent them back to Bloomington. A dark horse for a quarterfinal birth, Indiana would need to get by the Gamecocks to keep that hope alive. A second-minute unconverted try gave Indiana the early advantage. The Hoosiers followed the score up with a stolen restart, narrowly missing out on a second try with a great defensive effort knocking the ball  loose in goal. But a strike against the head in the resulting scrum gave Indiana the delayed points. South Carolina just about returned the favor with a steal of an Indiana scrum near midfield, but the Indiana defense managed to drag the Gamecock runner to touch. But, like Indiana’s second try, the great defensive effort proved a mere delay, as South Carolina soon crossed under the post to pull within three at the half.

A sloppy restart set Indiana up for a third try to once more make the lead two scores. South Carolina came agonizingly close to a try of its own, but Nick Skalka was pulled down just short, losing the ball in his attempt to ground it in-goal. As South Carolina desperately looked to get two scores, Indiana’s Alex Dorrier gifted the Gamecocks a yellow card for throwing the ball away after a penalty. With the man advantage, South Carolina looked to have plenty of time to eek out a victory. Instead, Indiana stood tall with a man down and held South Carolina scoreless in the final two minutes to secure a 15–7 victory, setting up a date with Kutztown to decide the Pool F champion.

Pool A: St. Mary’s vs. Temple

Another newcomer to the CRC, St. Mary’s took on the hometown favorite Temple Owls. The Gaels are certainly a team to watch and expected to top Pool A. Saint Mary’s methodically worked through Temple’s defense for the opening try. With the conversion, The Gaels made it 7–0 less than two minutes in. A kick over the Temple defense and offload to Aaron Matthews sent Matthews away for the Gaels’ second converted try. Consistent support and perfectly executed offloads made it three first-half tries for St. Mary’s. The conversion was just off to end the half.

In the second half, St. Mary’s continued to keep the scoreboard ticking. Three tries and one conversion in just over four minutes turned the match into a route. Temple had a great chance for try with 80 seconds left, but a pass down the chain failed to hit the unmarked wing to finish off the movement. Immediately after that mistake, Lenny Ramos sprinted away for yet another and, mercifully, final St. Mary’s try. Saint Mary’s 41, Temple 0.

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