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Rugby Profile: UCLA’s Sebastian Sharpe

Seb is not only a great finisher, but also a a fine playmaker in his own right. He has the strength, speed and agility to create space and opportunities from anywhere on the field,” – Head Coach of UCLA Rugby, Scott Stewart.

Philadelphia, Penn. — May 18, 2015 — 21-year-old Sebastian Sharpe will be playing at the 2015 Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship (Penn Mutual CRC) later this month, his third time at the event as well as his team’s, UCLA. At 5’9″ and 180 lbs he plays wing and is only in his junior year at the university. Although a London native, Stewart was so impressed with UCLA’s men’s rugby program and campus, that he decided to cross the globe to be a part of it.

Q. When did you start playing rugby?

Age five.

Q. What are you majoring in?

I’m majoring in history with an entrepreneurship minor.

Q. Do you prefer 15s or 7s?

I prefer 7s and the Penn Mutual CRC has helped that a lot! It’s my favorite tournament of the year and the one I strive to win in my college career.

Q. Does anyone else in your family play rugby?

My dad played in the British Army for a while and my younger brother also hopes to play American rugby.

Q. Your coach described you as a “standout star,” what traits would lead him to do so?

My speed, finishing and that I usually rack up a decent amount of tries for the team.

Q. How has it been playing rugby in the United States versus abroad?

The transition to America helped my development and knowledge of the game- especially learning to play different types of opponent. The move was great. I love Los Angeles and California.

Q. Who did you play rugby for in high school?

I played for the Cranleigh School and the Cobham Rugby Club, where I won a national championship with my teammate Madison Hughes who now plays for Dartmouth College.

Q. Will you be playing rugby or any other sports this summer?

I will hopefully be playing for the Collegiate All-Americans in 15s and then later for 7s through the summer months.

Q. Do you have an internship or job lined up for this summer?

I currently am waiting to hear back from potential internship opportunities with William Morris Endeavor and Working Title Picture in London.

Q. Any plans post graduation?

Hopefully I’ll use my minor to start a business in potentially the entertainment industry.

Last year at the event UCLA Rugby made it to the Championship semifinal but lost by three points to Cal with a final tally of 20-17. Afterwards Cal went on to take first place in the event altogether.

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