Temple Women | Collegiate Rugby Championship

Temple Women

Located in the heart of North Philadelphia, the owls of Temple University take pride in the athleticism and success that has come from years of dedicated rugby players. Founded in 1995 by a determined group of women, the growing club sport has intrigued many others on campus throughout the years. Every year since then, the Temple women have competed in a combination of fifteens and sevens competitions during the fall and spring seasons. In 2012, Temple Women’s Rugby competed in the Sweet 16 on the road to Nationals and again in 2013, the women advanced to round 32 of Nationals, but fell to the Quinnipiac varsity team. And in that same year, Temple decided to shift up from Division II to Division I competition. Since entrance into a new division, Temple rugby continues to develop young players into Division I athletes. Temple has competed against teams such as University of Virginia, West Chester University, and Penn State. Temple’s current position in the Mason Dixon conference provides diverse competition and a great atmosphere for players willing to learn the game. The coaching staff has also altered significantly for the past 4 years, however, Temple’s love for the game is unwavering. As for the 7s squad, Temple competes in many local and distant sevens tournaments. In order to broaden horizons, the team’s season schedule is built to compete in multiple tournaments with varying competitors. Due to extenuating circumstances, Temple was unable to participate in the 2015 CRCs and the owls are looking to make a statement coming back in 2016. With increasing interest in rugby, Temple intends to provide a competitive side of women who love the game.

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