Utah | Collegiate Rugby Championship


The University of Utah was established on February 28, 1850 when Utah was still a Territory. Today, Utah has an enrollment of over 32,000 students and a World Class Medical Research Facility. Utah’s rugby football roots hail back to 1894, when Utah played the YMCA to a 4-0 match in a rugby football variation of the sport. Utah continued with the emerging game of football and Utah Rugby drifted into obscurity, as the game continued to morph into present day American Football. The Utah Rugby Club was established in the fall of 1972 by Floyd Ormsby, a New Zealander who lived in Salt Lake City. Mr. Ormsby had a passion for the game and re-introduced rugby to the University of Utah Campus. Today, University of Utah Rugby is a nationally recognized program. In 2002, Mike Morgan earned the distinction of being Utah’s first Collegiate All-American. Today, Utah boasts over 37 Utes having been named to the Collegiate All-Americans since 2002. Since 2000, Utah has had seven Sweet 16 appearances, seven Elite 8? appearances, four Final Four appearances, with two National Final appearances. The 2015 season concluded with us taking 4th place nationally in the 7’s National Championship and finishing 6th nationally in 15s as National Tournament Semi-Finalists Utah’s reputation as a National 7s rugby power was forged by their 2010 1st place appearance at the inaugural Collegiate Rugby Championships (CRC), a 3rd place finish at the 2011 CRC, and a 2nd place finish at the PAC 7s in 2012.

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